Ensen ocean racing jackets and inshore sailing jackets will keep you warm and dry in all conditions. Designed for crossover use to help you transition from the deck to the street, tested and proven to be more waterproof and durable than the industry standard. Ensen professional sailing jackets and softshell jackets to stay protected from extreme weather elements. The Skjöld range of Ensen Yachting and Sailing Jackets are worn and trusted by ocean yacht racing professionals for performance, comfort, protection and safety. 

Ensen supports our customers through technical innovations developed through sailing experience and yachting in many of the world’s harshest environments. Ensen Jackets for sailing, sports and anything outdoors. New material technology for natural warmth and designed to enhance muscular movement. For optimal weather protection, toughness, temperature regulation, breathability and next-to-skin softness. 

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